Bug Out

Evacuation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Bugging out is an important strategy for surviving a major event. However, it is very important to do it the right way. You must plan ahead before you hit the road out of Dodge.

Alan at the Urban Survival Site wrote a fantastic article to make you think. He lists Seven Terrible Evacuation Mistakes. Any of these will be worse than the original disaster. Take heed.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes

One. Do Not Bug Out Without A Plan

If and when you bug out, you must have a plan in place. Consider all the logistics, the supplies, and where you’re going. And you should plan for the unexpected. A traffic jam or a blown tire will wreck havoc on good plans. Expect the unexpected. Slow down and take you time.

Two. Get In Shape

Living is hard work enough. Survival in a tricky situation is much worse. If you are out of shape, things will be even harder. Consider that you will probably have to do some strenuous work. The BOB does not carry itself. Trails do not hike themselves. And you may have to fight your way out of something.

Get a little exercise and lose a few pounds before it gets bad out there.

Three. Don’t Think You Can Go It Alone

I call this Batman in the boondocks. Think about it. Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto.

You likely have your family to think about and. And their safety is paramount. Make sure you plan with them and not just for them. Make sure every member of the group has something to do. This will keep them productive and it will help you. There is strength and safety in numbers.

Four. Exposure In The Open

Bugging out means leaving the familiar. And it also means being exposed. You will be exposed to traffic, violence, panic, and the elements.

The first rule of bugging out is don’t unless you really have to. Most experts agree that hunkering down at home is preferable to setting out into the unknown.

Five. Food Is Scarce

With prices what they are, it is hard enough to feed a family these days. Feeding them in the wilderness will be much harder. Add in competition for scarce resources and the situation is a nightmare. If you think you can “live off the land,” think again.

Six. Supply Problems

You don’t know how long you will be away. Therefore, you have no idea how much you will need to survive. And supplies are heavy. You can only carry so much even with a truck and trailer. Plan accordingly and be aware that you may be hard off after a period of time.

Seven. You Must Know the Area

Another advantage of riding the storm out at home is that you know where you are. If you leave, you must have a plan in place and a destination. A personal retreat is preferable. Make sure you know how to get there by multiple routes. And make sure you understand the lay of the land, native benefits, and danger – before you go.

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Other Strategies To Avoid:

Strategies That Could End Badly

By avoiding these common mistakes you can flee danger without causing greater harm. You owe it to yourself and to your family to get the planning right.

Follow Alan’s tips and prepare with confidence. And always remember that, as bad as things might get, you can always make them worse. Or, you can make them better.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at www.perrinlovett.me. He is none too fond of government meddling.

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1 Comment

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