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Expect These 7 Things Post-SHTF

Preppers prepare by definition. And there are 1,001 things to guard against. However, some frequently overlook the things sure to happen after it all goes down.

Rourke over at Modern Survival Online listed out 7 Post-SHTF Things To Expect. Some of these are critical. Some are smaller, more mundane. All should be considered before the time comes.

Expect These Post SHTF


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1. No Heat and No Air Conditioning.

America is a large country with diverse climates. Be prepared to heat and cool your home without the benefit of electricity or gas. That, or be prepared to dress appropriately for the seasons.

2. Lack of Sleep.

In the south, in the summer, the heat can keep you awake. Add in the stress and worry after a disaster, and you have a recipe for insomnia. A lack of sleep negatively impacts health.

3. Body Odor.

This one is especially important if you bug out or are on the run. An emergency means diminished sanitation and personal hygiene. Make sure you have some make-do arrangements in case the water is cut off.

4. Weight Loss.

Americans take abundant food for granted. When times are tough, many people will starve. Many will die. Even the prepared will probably lose a good amount of weight. Make sure you have a supply of high-energy food and/or supplements ready.

5. Withdrawal From a Lack of Technology.

Only a generation ago we were a different people. Folks were not nearly as connected as they are now. If the grid goes down, expect your devices to fail. We will have to recall how we got by in the old days. You know, back in the 1980s.

6. People Will Go Nuts.

This one is almost self-explanatory. Desperation will set in. When things get really bad, many people will crack. Some will become suicidal or self-destructive. Others will become menaces to society. Be ready for both.

7. Toilet Paper Will Run Out.

This is the modern convenience we probably take most for granted. However, when the stores close down, the supply will dry up. Make sure you have enough rolls ready now. And, if the event lasts an extended period of time, be prepared with alternatives.


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Please plan and have the resources to deal with whatever comes along. Be ready to hunker down or bug out whether it’s a storm, a riot, or martial law.

But, do not forget that life will change, at least temporarily, after the big event. Make sure you and your family are ready to ride out the storm and the recovery. Think about the items on this list. And try to come up with some independent considerations of your own. Prepare now, thrive then.

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at www.perrinlovett.me. He is none too fond of government meddling.

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