The Facts about Nikolas Cruz, School Shooter

The Facts about Nikolas Cruz, School Shooter


I touch on the shooting in my news cast today – or I will if I can ever get it to load up… I will revise my thoughts in another video next week – one in which I’m not under the sickness of the flu bug.


Anyway, God Bless Stefan Molyneux. As usual he does an excellent job of breaking down what happened, why, and what, if anything, we can learn from this latest senseless episode. Please watch:

Video by Stefan Molyneux/YouTube.



His thoughts are not completely like mine but they’re really close. And his technology works much better. As with all things, learn the truth of the matter. Don’t ever give in to the rank stupidity of the mainstream media, the idiot pols, and the wishy washy public.


The answer isn’t gun control. It isn’t more government.


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