Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail: Situational Awareness

Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail: Situational Awareness


Look at the news any given day and you realize that trouble never takes a day off. Therefore, you can’t ever drop your guard while you’re away from home. Situational awareness is the best way to prevent being a casualty.


The dynamic duo at Geauga Firearms Academy made a simple video reviewing a super simple plan of action. Watch and then devise a plan of your own.


Please watch:


Video by Geauga Firearms Academy/YouTube.



Neil and Kim make this easy. They build off general martial arts and firearms training skills.  


As in a fight, then it comes to a bad situation, the number one rule is: Don’t be there.


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That’s good advice unless you’re already there or trouble comes to you. Then the only objective becomes getting away. Plan for this for times while you’re out, alone or with others (ie, with the family).


Safety, solo or in numbers, is the primary concern. Get to safety through either fight, flight, hiding, or any combination. Be ready to move. I like there grabbing tip. SWAT teams, fire squads, and football coaches use similar tactics.


Get your plan together ASAP and practice it. Make sure everyone knows their role and knows when and how to adapt.


Set up a default reaction.


I just stumbled upon these two Ohioans and I’m glad I did. Follow their other work too on YouTube and at their training site. Look ‘em up if you’re in Ohio.


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