Fears Russia Will Retaliate for Syria With Hack Attack

As evidence mounts, conclusively, that the US/UK/5th Republic attacks on Syria were based on lies, experts in the UK warn that the Bear maybe preparing to strike back with cyber warfare. Putin knew in advance what the West was up to, warned against it, warned again, and then (for now) tolerated it. But, maybe this is a bridge too far meddling into affairs that concern Russia but not the West?

The fear is that Russian hackers will target critical systems in the UK as retribution. Michael Clark, the expert, says action could be imminent – mere weeks away. Any system could be a target, from hospitals to the power grid. There have been similar hacks previously and most networks remain wide open. One, desiring world peace, hopes the threat will be sufficient. Escalation isn’t a four-letter word but it is about as dirty as they get.




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