The First 60 Minutes After SHTF

The First 60 Minutes After SHTF


This isn’t 60 minutes to prep for an event (which we’ve covered). This isn’t One Second After (which we’ve covered, and you should read). This isn’t about the first few minutes in or around the disaster.


This is the first full hour – the most critical time for survival. Live or die time.


Scott has you covered. The latest video in the Pondering Prepper series tackles what to do to stay alive in those first crucial 60 minutes after it hits the fan. Please watch:


Video by Scott Hughes/FPTV/YouTube.


Scott gets the scariest call ever…


Whatever the problem is, let’s assume it’s bad – TEOTWAWKI stuff. You must remain cool, calm, and collected. And, at the same time, you must take action!


This is why it’s critical to have a plan in place BEFORE. It’s not all having the coolest gear – useless if you’re not ready. And you have to be. Get that plan together and rehearse it to perfection.  

Legacy Food Storage


Scott goes through the necessary 5 Steps for first hour assessment and survival. Learn them and experiment until you’re ready.


Security, for you and the immediate group is number one. Period. It’s like when the oxygen mask falls down on an airliner. If you don’t first take care of you, then you can’t expect to help anyone else. First things first.


Watch and take notes for all five tips for the plan. You must, ASAP, establish an idea of what has happened and get your scenario together.


Know when and how to turn to the news for the information you need.


And – this is huge – Keep It Quiet!


You and your group/family/trusted friends can and should know your plan and resources. The rest of the world should not. Remember, most of them do not prep. And, if they know you’re ready when they’re not, they may come calling. They may expect your help. They may demand it. They may be dangerous.


Keep them as they are – ignorant.


But not you. You should be ready to go. That’s Scott’s main point here. Check out this and the rest of the Pondering series. Subscribe for future updates. Spread the word- about us, not you.


I give you 60 minutes…


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