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Five Pro-Gun Measures Coming Soon From President Trump

We’ve run more than a few scare stories here lately about guns. That’s because we share your concern about gun grabbing communists trying to destroy the Second Amendment. Hillary and her allies hate guns(in private hands).

Now, in a radical change, I have some good gun news for you! Good gun law news just as promised the other day in my Trump editorial. Bob Owens at Bearing Arms reported on 5 Gun Measures President Trump Is Likely To Make Law.

With help from the NRA, among others, Trump and the GOP have control of both political branches in Washington. Or they will come January. One hopes they will make good use of their power. One great start is easy, pro-gun legislation. Have a look:

CHARLESTON, SC - FEBRUARY 22: Reality TV host and New York real estate mogul Donald Trump holds up a replica flintlock rifle awarded him by cadets during the Republican Society Patriot Dinner at the Citadel Military College on February 22, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. Trump and U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) were honored at the annual event. (Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images)

Photo by The Intercept / Getty.

Five Good Gun Laws

No More Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases

Various military installations have been the targets of terrorist and criminal attacks in the past few years. Oddly, personnel on base are prohibited from carrying guns on base. Trump can change that with a simple Executive Order. In fact, he could do it on his first day.

National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Currently there are four different bills floating around Congress that would mandate nationwide concealed carry. Trump and his allies can pick one or merge several together and get it done. Then, we will be able to legally go anywhere and enjoy full-time protection. Sounds American, huh?

They could rename the chosen measure the “Civil Rights Bill of 2017”. Then they could criticize anyone who opposes it as anti-civil rights. Heh. Heh.

Legalizing Silencers

FDR stupidly outlawed most silencers. Now there is a bill in Congress to right that wrong. Trump will sign the law if it passes. Let’s hope it does. They’re selling it as a hearing protection measure. I, personally, hope this is a gateway to legalizing just about everything.

NICS Background Check Reform

This one is a mixed bag, dangerous if mishandled. First, the NICS system should not exist. I think that if criminals are so dangerous as to be barred from buying guns, then they should probably be locked up anyway. Gun grabbers always push to close fictitious “loopholes” in the system – always a call for more gun control. Short of eliminating the checks, Trump should seek to streamline them. And there must be an immediate appeals process for those (few) good people who are, for one reason or another, wrongly denied.

Allow Importation of Collectible Historical Firearms

There are hundreds of thousands of historical guns in the world that cannot currently be imported by American collectors. And many of these are American to begin with. That makes no sense. Fix the law and bring them home.

Photo by Sofrep.

I know, I know, after so much news about gun control, gun control, and more gun control, it’s a little difficult to grasp that we can now look forward to positive gun legislation. And we could start seeing these changes in the first half of next year.

One of this may seem too good to be true. It certainly won’t go unfought by liberals. They’re nursing their wounds but they are still around. If and when the news breaks that these measures are passing through Congress, please contact your representatives and command them to support the Second Amendment. Then sit back and enjoy the freedom!

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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