Why This Flu Season is So Bad

Why This Flu Season is So Bad


The flu (or a cold) is never fun for anyone. We’ve even got FP crew in triage from a bout right now. However, when it’s widespread, it becomes an epidemic; a pandemic comes next.


That’s what we’re facing right now. For the first time in recorded history, every US state (except Hawaii) reports mass outbreaks. It’s moving fast and people are now dying.


Fox News just reported on why this season is so different. Please watch and learn:


Video by Fox News/YouTube.



This happens to also be the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. That episode killed about 100 million people worldwide. With advances in medicine and sanitation, let’s hope that particular history doesn’t repeat.


But we are getting a taste of it. And even if it’s just you that has the bug, it stinks. Use this information to help avoid getting sick in the first place. Don’t place too much (if any) faith in the vaccine (10% effective, sometimes). Wash your hands – all the time. Avoid the sickly and infected places. Practice general good health. Stay optimistic.


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Beat the bug!


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