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How does 1 million pounds of food, 10,000 fish and 500 yards of compost on 3 acres of land sound? Too good to be true right? Well it’s being done and you can mimic it and support an entire neighborhood if you choose to, or stockpile it, but I bet you’ll be giving some of it away.

We, well most of us, want to grow our own food, create our own power grid, and live completely free of any outside assistance, especially government systems like water and electric.

Having been shopping for a house for a while now, and one of my requested features is land, preferably at least 5 acres, that is until I saw how Will Allen from Growing Power is setting up their systems for growing food.

This changes my entire outlook on what my needs are as far as land needed to grow enough food to support my family year after year.


They’re able to grow 1 Million pounds of food, year round. Yes! You read that right. They’re in Milwaukee, WI where it’s cold enough outside in the winter to freeze boiling water in mid-air, and they grow food year round in climate controlled greenhouses.


Will Allen came up with the aquaponics system and uses compost to heat the greenhouses. This cuts utility bills, is energy efficient, and allows a simple and easy way to not only heat the greenhouses, but to produce soil for growing. It’s by far the simplest and best system out there for growing aquaponically, and produces such a high yield of crops, that it upends the urban legend that you need 2 acres to feed a family.

This is an absolutely brilliant system. Most of us have heard of aquaponics, even if we don’t know a lot about it, we know that it’s a great system for growing food, raising fish, and with very little energy or waste.


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