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You know what really amazes me? The priorities of our government. Here we are staring down the barrel of terrorist every single day, not only in this country but all across the world, we have people wanting a race war here on our turf and what is our government concerned with? RAW MILK!

Really? That’s it? Oh no, that’s not all, I mean they want our freedoms, liberties and guns, which is why I guess they are ignoring the BIG issues in our country. Anyway, before I get too far off topic, the government is coming after raw milk.

The folks from Off The Grid Radio talks with Judith McGeary, an attorney and the executive director of the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, tells us everything we need to know about the Texas crackdown.

McGeary shares with us:

  • What, specifically, is getting people in trouble with the law.
  • How state officials are learning who is buying and selling raw milk.
  • Why she believes raw milk sales should be legal.
  • What everyone gets wrong about the safety of raw milk.

Finally, McGeary tells us the unbelievable details of how police prevented the sale of raw milk in the driveway of a private residence! If you drink raw milk, or you simply care about freedom, then this is one show you need to hear!

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