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If you have or want to have a chicken coop, one problem you will run into is the smell. Chicken coops can become stinky, fairly quickly depending on the size of it and how many chickens you want it to house.

It doesn’t have to be smelly. There are steps you can take to fight the odor before it even begins.

Water and moisture are not your friend.

If you slop or spill water when filling the water founts or bowls, the moisture will mix with the droppings and create a bad ammonia  odor.  The best way to keep this from piling up is to clean up any spills as they happen. We had to switch to a fount style waterer instead of a bowl  because we have one duck in with the chickens and she thought we were giving her a small swimming pool each evening.  Mrs. Duck can still get enough water to dip her bill in with the water fount.  And there is less mess to cleanup in the morning.

Install a box fan to keep air circulating.

Stagnant air smells bad and the flies will accumulate more in a stuffy airless building.  Running a fan, even on low speed, will keep the flies, and the odor to a minimum.  Not to mention that it keeps the coop from becoming too hot, also.  We hang an inexpensive box unit over the coop doorway.  Y

Use fresh herbs and rose petals if you have them, in the nesting boxes and in the sleeping areas.

Not only will the herbs and petals smell great, the hens will appreciate the yummy treat. Mint is another great addition and it will help repel pests too.

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