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Aquaponics systems are a growing trend among preppers. They are one of the best ways to grow your own produce as well as raising fish and in some cases even chickens have been incorporated into an aquaponics system.   aquaponics pool system   I was watching an episode of Doomsday Preppers, I know not one of the best places to get ideas, but there is a good idea on the show from time to time. This particular episode, from what I am guessing to be 2011, featured a family that bought a house in Phoenix Arizona and transformed the run down in ground pool into a semi-ecosystem that included an aquaponics system, this same episode featured Southern Prepper 1 from YouTube.

Pool Turned Aquaponics System:


How to Survive the Coming “Flash Food Crash of 2014”

Whether or not you are a fan of Doomsday Preppers or not, there are a few gems to be found within some of the episodes. This episode is one of my favorites as we love learning more about aquaponics and are big fans of Southern Prepper 1.

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