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Have you ever had predators come after your chickens, goats or any other livestock you might be raising? If you have then you know the importance of protecting them, keeping them safe so they can provide for you when the time comes

Guardian Animals

Guardian animals are one of the oldest forms of livestock protection. While dogs tend to be the most common guardian animals, llamas and donkeys are also popular choices.


Guardian dogs are raised from puppyhood with the animals they are meant to protect. Certain breeds are commonly used, such as the Akbash or Great Pyrenees — however, not all dogs within those breeds are suitable.

If coyotes and domestic dogs are your problem predators, one or two guardian dogs should be enough to protect your livestock. If wolves or other large predators are a concern, dogs may become victims to attack themselves.


A good fence is a surefire way to protect against predators. High-tensile, electric fencing is one of the best choices for exclusion. Perimeter fences should consist of at least seven wires, equally spaced six to eight inches apart, and built to a height of 42 – 54 inches.

Wolves and coyotes will dig to reach their prey, so it’s important that you place the bottom wire no more than six inches from the ground.

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