Food Security on a Budget

Food Security on a Budget


Everyone eats, some more than others. And all preppers understand the importance of a properly stocked emergency pantry. Heck, even the CDC and the government recommend a three-day supply just in case there’s a short-term crisis. Many on our side plan for three weeks, months, or even three years of shortages.


As important as food is, it’s still not the lowest cost item on our lists. Even with the recently improved economy many people still find it harder to make ends meet. How, then, does one adequately prepare the pantry without breaking the bank?


Rhonda Owen and Preppers Will posted a great article on building your emergency food stocks when money is low. Please read the original.


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She shows that it is possible to stock up even on a budget. And she drives home the many reasons why you need to do this, costs aside.


“People have seen several catastrophic incidents in the recent few decades. Most of these events were sudden and quite devastating. Millions of people did not get any chance of fighting for their life just because there was nothing left to eat and drink. Only few people bothered to actually make an emergency food supply.


You may think that such things will never affect my life, but nobody can predict such events. The natural disasters and man-made disasters can take place anytime and anywhere. You will have to be prepared with everything that is necessary for survival. You should start with the emergency food supply. Food is one of the most basic needs of human being that people do not get enough when a catastrophic event takes place.”


Legacy Food Storage


Will you have enough to eat the next time a disaster strikes? And everyone will, at some point, experience something that qualifies as a disaster – even if it’s something “small” like an ice storm or a personal sickness or layoff.


She discusses how much food should be stored. There is no right answer here, beyond “enough.” It all varies depending on your needs – and those you should consider and plan for. What’s right for you and yours might not work for the next prepper.


The government’s three-day rule should be an absolute minimum for anyone. Many of us try to have that kind of supply available just in the car – just in case.




Kinds of foods;


Amounts of foods;


Necessary water supplies;


Cooking necessities; and


Food shelf life.


She then progresses from 3 days to a more substantial (and maybe worthy) 90 day supply.

The basics stay the same but the volume increases – as does the cost. Then she goes into truly long-term storage.


So how do you prepare for any of this on the cheap? Owen recommends:


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Sales (duh) – always be on the lookout for discounted prices on the kinds of foods you like/need. Think about non-perishable foods and canned goods. Also think about stores aside from regular grocery stores – many carry foods, some at great savings.


Pooling resources. If you have friends and neighbors you trust, consider combining your food efforts.


Alternative foods. Her examples are powdered milk and eggs. These are largely the same as fresh but last much longer.


Canned and dehydrated meats.


Drink mixes – not just for health nuts. These are called meal replacements for a reason.


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Look for survival food bargains online. Something is always on sale on the web.


She also emphasizes the necessity of planning and mindset. You must be as ready as your pantry.


The key to much of this preparation is thinking outside the box. And she gives some great tips to get you going. The sky really is the savings and stocking limit here. Get started now and be ready then.


Again, carefully read the original article and take advantage of the great information. Pass it along and try to expand the concepts with what you find out there. Pass it on.


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