Four Multi-Use Chemicals Preppers Need on Hand

Four Multi-Use Chemicals Preppers Need on Hand


Being prepared means being supplied – properly and for all eventualities. Usually, most of the time, we tend to concentrate on food and water in the stockpiles. That’s important but there’s more to it than just that. Defensive items, medical supplies, clothing, etc. are so important. So are a variety of household chemicals. As with many items, some of these chemicals have multiple uses.


Tim Gamble created a short list of chemicals that have numerous uses for preppers and everyone else. Read his list and recommendations and make sure you stock up.


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Baking soda, vinegar, borax, and Epsom salt are four common household chemicals that have many multiple uses, on and off label. These “multi-tools” of the household are very useful to preppers, survivalists and homesteaders, yet may be difficult to obtain in a post-collapse scenario, They also may make for excellent barter items. I stock up on extra of all four items, and recommend you consider doing the same.”



Baking Soda


These are just a few of the 1,000 uses for baking soda, the miracle drug in a box:


Baking (duh);



Legacy Food Storage




Pest control;


Medical uses (many);


Sunburn relief;


On and on and on.












Rust control;




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Pest control;



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Drain cleaner;




*Borax can be poisonous in certain amounts; use caution and common sense.


Epsom Salt


Bath salt (watch out for zombies…);






Bug bites;




And more!

Read the original for all the many uses of these four simple, common household agents. And, as incredible as this list is, it only scratches the surface. By the way, you can use baking soda and epsom salt on scratches…


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