FP Exclusive Interview on the Stock Market Craziness

FP Exclusive Interview on the Stock Market Craziness


The stock market has been on a tear since President Trump’s election in November of 2016. Then last Friday and this Monday, predictably, there came a major selloff. At one point Monday the DOW was down 1,600 (roughly 6%). It made a decent recovery yesterday but left investors and watchers with jitters about the future.


So yesterday I sat down with Mr. Russell Wilder, business owner and savvy investor, for his insights on what happened and what he expects to happen going forward. It’s amazing how much wisdom he imparts. Please watch:


Video by Perrin Lovett/FPTV/YouTube.



I sat down and enjoyed delicious cigars with Russell Wilder, expert investor and expert Tobacconist. We discussed the recent fall in stock prices and what that may mean for the market’s future.

Russell offers excellent, experienced general advice for investors of all levels along with appropriate commentary on political and economic activity. He provides some good and technical tips garnered from his own experiences and practices along with the programs he uses today and has used in the past. He also gave some insights into the happenings of the premium tobacco business!

Many thanks to Mr. Wilder for his time, knowledge, and kind consideration!

**DISCLAIMER** Nothing in this video constitutes actual, direct investment, financial, tax, or legal advice, on behalf of Russell Wilder, Perrin Lovett, or Freedom Prepper. Please consult with a financial planner or other professional before investing. Invest at your own risk (or, hopefully, profit).

**Sound may require boosting or headphones on mobile devices for best listening experience; PC – a-okay.

**Cigars not included with video. Sorry.

** Russell Wilder is the owner of Top Shelf Cigar Shop in Augusta, GA. A former nuclear power engineer, he has devoted his life to providing the finest in quality tobacco merchandise and to injecting freedom and common sense into local and Georgia politics. He sits on numerous boards and has previously sought elected office on behalf of the people. He has invested and managed his own financial affairs for over 20 years. He’s a deer and duck hunting legend and devotee to the Insects from the Institute: a devoted: son, husband, father, friend, and patriot.

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If you’re in or near Augusta, GA and love fine cigars in a gentlemanly environment, visit Russ’s shop, one of the absolute finest in the Southeast: Top Shelf Cigars.

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At FP and FP News, for many months, we talked about overvaluation and the coming demise of the bull market (maybe even full economic collapse). Russell and I briefly talked about the coming market implosion – one day… Carl Icahn thinks the same thing will eventually happen.


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