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Saturday, March 14, 2020

A few items about the virus and the declared State of Emergency:

The NYT has an alternative case tracker for the US. The CSSE map is still running, though it is now plagued with a few errors, from day to day.

Trump declared an Emergency.

And, last night, I wrote an epidemic update of sorts:


The Coronavirus (no song tonight)
COVID-19. Novel Coronavirus-19. nCoV-19. Wuhan-400. The Bat Soup Crazy Bug. It’s here, there’s fear, and I have no use for it. Check the following for pandemic information:

CSSE MAP – Official World Tally

The New York Times – Alternative Tally

THE CDC – Dedicated Information

Earlier today, there was an intermittent reporting error at the CSSE site concerning a drop in total US infections. I was mildly concerned, though the issue of the total has been corrected. However, following the correction, the US has just shy of 2,000 cases – call it a ten-fold increase in a week or ten days. Not good. It’s also not good that Georgia and Florida are still blanked as of press time. I assume no ill intention behind that. The NYT has GA with 42 cases, none in TPC home territory – yet. Do not assume it will stay that way. Other countries are still seeing steep daily increases and I would expect the US to have 5,000 to 10,000 by this time next week. We’ll play math games with the economy in a second. COVID-19 is infectious and it is lethal. But! The odds of getting it are still low and the odds of dying from it are even lower. For now, health-wise, do me two favors. One, please do not worry excessively or live in fear. Two, take care of yourself. Do that for old Perrin, would ya? 

Wash your hands. Avoid contact with people you suspect are ill (or at risk of becoming ill due to your visit). Heck, look at the CDC recommendations. For once, I can agree with the government about something.
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We’ll be back on Monday with the latest news. See you then. P

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