Global Cooling and the Coming Ice Age

Global Cooling and the Coming Ice Age


Back in the 1970’s the alarmists of the world were convinced an ice age was upon us. They were on to something. Then, suddenly, they changed the tune to “global warming.” That has given way to generalized scare tactics about unspecified “climate change.” But it’s still geared towards warming – all due to manmade sources.


And the solution, the reason for the pop hysteria is simple – they want to institute global communism. They hate you and want to deprive you of your property and your freedom. Look at any of the scare stories on the subject and the end line solution is always the same: higher taxes, more laws, and more restrictions on free people. To hell with these idiots and Satanic savages, I say.


Dr. Mark Sircus (here, courtesy of Lew Rockwell’s site) reveals the truth today. The 70’s narrative was a lot closer to the truth. Driven by the natural cycles of the sun the Earth is cooling – rapidly and dramatically. This could be temporary or it could be the dawning of a new ice age.


Either way, the ramifications for the people away from the Equator are dire. We face longer, colder winters, shorter, cooler summers, and a real shortage of foods. If this pans out the wrong way – the way it historically always does – then millions (billions, even) may die of starvation.


Read on:


Photo by Dr. Sircus/NASA.


Look at that solar activity chart. I can look year-to-year and remember heat waves and ice storms all based on the output of the sun. And that output is tapering off. There’s going to be less heat and more ice going forward.


Legacy Food Storage

“It is not going to be fun trying to survive in the northern reaches of our planet. Remember that movie about the sudden onset of a new ice age where the scientist picks up a marker and sweeps it across the belly of America and says to the President, evacuate everyone below this line. Rapid cooling is happening to our beloved earth and there is nothing we can do about it except fantasize about global warming. The ice and snow that is headed our way is going to bury civilization in the northern latitudes in the next few decades.

Not going to happen from one week to another, like in the movie ‘The Day After’, but this year is showing us how fast things can change, how deep the temperatures can drop, how snow accumulations can mount and how normal activities can be curtailed. Not much goes on during a blizzard and when the snow gets too deep roofs start collapsing. Perhaps the destined financial collapse will happen first, but cold climate change will offer us a staggering challenge that few are preparing for.”



We must be the few who do prepare, if we want to be the few that survive. This is serious. When the time comes the masses and their idiot “leaders” will panic. The leaders, oddly, will have prepared. They’ll be fine. The masses …. will not fare as well.


Read the original for all the:


Record snow falls;


The growing glaciers and ice coverages;


The increasing cold (even in not-so-cold places);


And the coming food shortages.

“Global cooling will kick us where it hurts the most, in our stomachs, which will be deprived of foods because of shorter growing seasons. With global warming we had a chance of increasing agriculture growing zones pushing further and further north but with cooling its going to be a massacre. Humans will die in mass and populations will be reduced as elite desire.”


There really is climate change. It’s the opposite of what the commies and hippies whine about. Follow the money, with them – they want yours. Always. Even as they continue to live in luxury. This has nothing to do with your SUV, your grilling habits, nor your air conditioner.


The real cause for all the changes are all natural. We couldn’t affect them if we wanted to. Anyone who tells you otherwise has an agenda. They really do hate you. Remember that.


Let this article be a starting point. Learn what you can do to save yourself from the real changes. There is work to do and it is doable. Many thanks to Dr. Sircus* and all honest scientists.

*Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P) (acupuncturist, doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine) is a prolific writer and author of some astounding medical and health-related books. Dr. Sircus’s methods are based on medical science and long years of clinical experience, not only his own but experiences of doctors from around the world who have been practicing brilliant medicine.


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If there was ever something to prepare for, this would be it. It’s a slow moving natural disaster that we can plainly see approaching. There is time to act.


You don’t have to move to the Amazon (though that would work). If you want to stay where you are, then consider alternative food production methods (not just storage). A greenhouse comes to mind. Get as off the grid as you can stand. And, for God’s sake, dispense with any association with the lying globalist trash that would tax you into poverty and then have you freeze to death.


Learn the real science and the truth. Then you can chill out when the real chill is on. It’s coming.


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