Go Climb a Tree for Shelter and Safety

Go Climb a Tree for Shelter and Safety


Wilderness survival isn’t the end all, be all of prepping, although it’s one of the first things people seem to think about when it comes to outdooring, prepping, and the like. Actually, for most it’s kind of a remote possibility. But it is possible.


And, should you be caught out in the woods, what do you do for shelter? There are many options. One of the most simple and abundant is to make use of the woods themselves. Make like a bird and nest in a tree!


Survivopedia and the Cache Valley Prepper posted a detailed post on the many ways to make use of trees for emergency shelter and safety. Please read that and make notes. Here are a few highlights:


Photo by Theodore Scott.


“Few wilderness survival resources are more important than trees, so making camp in proximity to trees often makes a great deal of sense as it puts the survivor’s shelter in proximity to resources and often provides a solid support structure off which to build.

Trees can also provide areas to build a shelter that are relatively free from deep snow. In these cases, trees can save a great deal of time and work.

Saving work by building off what is already provided by nature burns fewer calories and helps keep the survivor from working up a sweat, which can lead to severe discomfort or put the survivor at risk of hypothermia in cold weather.”

-Cache Valley

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God gave us the trees, so we should at least consider using them.


There are many ways to do this: use the wood to make a rough hut; start a fire with dead wood; string a hammock; make a literal nest or treehouse; etc.


I’m going to focus on the aspect of just climbing the tree for safety, rest, and concealment.


Trees, in this regard, offer:


Safety from other people. Sure, most people can climb but why would they. If they can’t see you up there, you’re safe.


Safety from bears, etc. Some, but not many, predators can climb. But getting up high gets you out of reach of most. And the others likely won’t bother, even if they know where you are. If they do bother, you can fight from an elevated position.


Concealment – see above.


Bugs. Most bugs are on the ground – with the snakes, etc. Leave them down there.


Damp ground avoidance.


Out of the snow.


Some shelter from snow, rain, and elements.


And more.

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Check the original for all the details and ideas.


You’ll find plenty of other reasons to seek the shelter in the canopy. And, there are different ways to do it. Of course, there are some associated dangers – covered as well.


So, make like a tree … Be a monkey in a tree … Some other tree … sayings.


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