Grab This: the AR-15 Gatling Gun

Grab This: the AR-15 Gatling Gun


Forget bump stocks. There’s another way to trick out your AR so as to increase the rate of fire. It’s still legal – for now. Maybe it’s time to invest in the rather simple technology before the commies find out about it and blame it on one of their own criminal creations.


It’s the Gat Crank by Two Z Precision. This little add-on snaps on and fires round after round. It’s still individual tripper pulls but they come off just as fast as you can turn the small hand crank. And, like a bump stock, this allows for better aiming and accuracy than merely free-handing the rifle with a loose wrist and hand. Here’s a video demonstration:


Video by The Leaders in Gun Control!/YouTube.



Watch that again! That’s some pretty fast shooting. It’s not the ease of single-squeeze full auto but it is NFA compliant – again, for now. Better order one soon from Two Z.


According to their site the Crank (the new ones) fit all AR-15s and 10s, all AK-47s and 74s, and all 10/22s. A single rotation of the crank fires off three rounds. I imagine that if you play with it, you can effectively teach yourself how much it takes to do one crank only, and under pressure. That’s effective three-round bursting. Or you can just open it up and run through a whole mag.


The misled youth walked out of school last week for gun control. Next week you could walk out to the range for a little control of your own. Get cranking!


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