Gun Owners of America v. Mad Marching Marxists

Gun Owners of America v. Mad Marching Marxists


Much has been made of the recent “March for Our Lives,” spawned supposedly because of the Florida high school shooting. That terrible crime might have served as a convenient focal point but it does not represent the truth of the matter. It turns out the event had been planned, and even permitted with the DC Police, months in advance. It was a preplanned assault on the Second Amendment and American freedom.


I was not there, thank God, but the good folks from Gun Owners of America (GOA) were. And they caught the pulse of what the marchers really “think” and want. It’s unsettling if expected. Please watch:


Video by GOA/YouTube.


Around 27 seconds in we see this:



“Send Barron to Parkland.” Barron is President Trump’s teenage son. Parkland was the shooting high school location. Notice the target. These savages and idiots want to kill Trump’s young son. Trump, who had nothing to do with the crime, who expressed his deepest sympathy for the victims, and who initiated appeasement actions to mollify the maniacs, is the target of their hatred nonetheless.


The SJWs have made it clear that no criticism of anti-freedom young people like David Hogg will be tolerated. But they want to kill Barron. This is the evil face of our enemy.


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Rewatch and look at those faces. Look at the signs. Listen to the insanity they spout. Crazy after commie after nut after mentally deranged nut after lowlife…


Many thanks to GOA for exposing this dirty truth – not that we didn’t suspect it to be so. Now we know for certain. And, so knowing, we must resist the hysteria and evil.


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