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The left loves to lie about guns. Heck, they love to lie period. But with guns they take extra delight in distorting the truth. Guns save lives. They say they don’t. Guns make you safer. They say the opposite. Americans have always had guns. They say we just with gun crazy in the past 100 years.

Picking apart the anti-gun lies is a hobby of mine. Others enjoy the sport too. Chris Eger does. He wrote a hilarious article about a new gun grabber low. Find his original at The gist of it is that some loonie lefties fabricated an anti-gun story out of a pro-gun video.

Only Liberals Could Sink This Low

In 2012, Iraqveteran8888 posted the following gun video on YouTube. It is pro gun.

Video by Iraqveteran8888 / YouTube.

Later a band of liberal crazies (whose names don’t matter) stole some screenshots from the video to support their pet nonsense. Their fake news article, Betsy Goes Gun-Grabbin, appeared in the Huffington Post.

Betsy got tired of waiting for the gunsucking cowards in Congress to get off their asses and save some lives, so she decided to take matters into her own sticky, chalky hands.”

– Liberal psycho


These guys are not liberals.

The demented liberals claimed to have stolen some guns. That we could believe. These people like crime almost as much as they like lying. Then, according to them, they melted down a stolen gun, a Hi-Point C9.


Frying pans are for bacon, not liberal gun lies.

The problem is (aside from liberal mental illness) that the video was made by a pro gun YouTuber. And it was a science story. He just wanted to show that you can melt a Hi-Point if you want to. Politics were never involved.

Good luck finding the fake article. It was obviously too much even for HuffPo. They yanked it.

There are several morals to this little story. First, is that liberals always lie. They have to as the facts are on our side only. Second, you just can’t trust what you read at places like HuffPo. Avoid those fake news sites.

The last, and really only important point, is that these gun grabbing nuts can be good for a laugh. And that’s about all their good for.

Melt snowflakes, not guns.

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