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Americans own more guns now than ever. And an increasing number of us own more guns, per capita, than ever before. Some are even being called “super gun owners”. That sounds great to me. I think all gun owners (the private ones) are super. But, this designation may not be a good thing.

Mac Slavo wrote an article at the SHTF Plan blog about a potential plan to attack Super Gun Owners. Read on:

Plight Of The Super Gun Owners

Mac pointed out that the Japanese wrote off an invasion of the U.S.A. because of our guns – “there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” We’re a super people and we have a super number of firearms – nearly 300 million.

A new study from Harvard University – and that should be suspect in and of itself – suggests that just 3% of Americans own half of those guns. Those are the super owners. Statistically, they hold more than seventeen guns each. It sounds like a good starting number to me.

The communists, of course, see it otherwise. It won’t be long before some demented politicians and busybodies start labeling these super owners as a danger – domestic terrorists and such stupidity. They’ll suggest that nobody needs more than one or two guns (the older and weaker the better). The they will want the government to “fix” the problem. That might mean a tax or even confiscation.

Stars and stripes on gun

Stars and stripes on gun

Photo by our friends at The Huffington Post.

We have more guns than ever. Crime is lower than ever. Crime is lower because we have more guns. Foreign powers will not attack us because of our guns. Yet and still the gun grabbers want to take it all away.

If you’re a “super” gun owner or just an aspiring ordinary owner, beware. Understand well that these evil people want your guns. They want everything you have including your freedom. They hate you. They hate us.

Thank God we have the guns. Super.

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