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When last month’s election rolled around, the gun grabbers came calling from coast to coast. And some people were ready for them.

Chris Eger posted a great story at about a group of Maine Sheriffs who got together with the NRA to fight for the Second Amendment.

Lawmen For The 2A

Video by NRA / YouTube.

“Last week most Maine sheriffs announced they are recommending a “no” vote on Question 3 concerning expanding background checks on firearms to include most private transfers. This week they doubled down in an ad.”

– Eger


Question 3 on the Maine ballot would have expanded background checks for firearms purchases. It was designed to take guns and put gun owners in jail. It was backed by New York elitists who have no interests in Maine, except stealing people’s freedoms.


A group of Maine Sheriffs opposed the measure. They made a video ad with the NRA to fight for their people.

“They argue Q3 is poorly written, it is “being pushed by a New York billionaire who does not care about Maine,” would not stop criminals from getting guns and would send law-abiding Mainers to jail.”

– Eger

It is refreshing to see some of our elected officials taking their oaths seriously and fighting for freedom. And their efforts paid off.

Good job to the Sheriffs and the Maine voters! Question 3 was defeated “392,701 NO (52%) and 362,156 YES (48%).”

People of Maine, do not forget that the anti-gun nuts are still out there. They will be back soon. Stay vigilant!

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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