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Flying commercial used to be fun. It used to be dignified. I remember my first flight as a child back in another century. High technology met high class. It was something else. Today, it is also something else, something less than fun.

Flying on the average airliner today is akin to riding an old, dirty school bus in the sky. And best of all, everyone who boards is treated like a criminal. Many can’t board because they’re on the “no fly” list. Many shouldn’t be on it. Politicians want to add more names. They also want to expand the ramifications.

Eve Flanigan wrote an alarming article on the No Fly List as it potentially affects gun owners. Find her original over at

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No Fly = No Guns?

During the presidential debates both major candidates (yes, that includes Mr. Trump) enthusiastically supported the concept of banning people who are on the no fly list from owning firearms. This suggestion is plagued with so many problems it could fill a book.

First, the list is ridiculous to begin with. If there are people out there known to the government to be terrorists, then why aren’t they in jail?

Second, thousands of people find themselves banned from flying because they are erroneously on the list. And getting off is extremely difficult; next to no information is provided to a banned citizen. And there is scant due process in the system. We do not need to add this level of tyranny to gun ownership.

Finally, this list is subject to weaponization for political purposes. The potential for abuse is outrageous. What part of “shall not be infringed” don’t they get?

Even the NRA has given in to supporting the list concept of gun control. Who does that leave to fight for freedom? Us, I suppose.

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Benjamin Franklin famously said that those who trade essential liberty for temporary security deserve neither and will have neither. Guns were already banned on commercial flights on September 11, 2001. What would have happened in a freer country? If flying citizens had been armed that day? Nineteen dead terrorists and little else is a possibility.

There are terrorists in America right now. They should be eliminated. There are gun rights here too. They should be protected. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

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