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Can’t Afford a Custom Gun Case? No Problem, Here is the Poor Man’s Custom Gun Case.

custom gun case

Prepping can get expensive pretty quick. When you start prepping, just making a list or plan towards preparedness can become overwhelming. Then you start adding up the costs of each item plus the amount of each thing you need, and the numbers keep going higher and higher.


custom gun case


That usually happens as you are making your list of the basic needs. When you think about the amount of food and water you need, just by yourself, you will find that the cost can easily get into the thousands. There are several ways for prepping while on a budget.


Most of us, on our journey of prepping start with the basics and then we get distracted by shiny things like night vision, “tacticool” accessories for our assault rifles, fancy ammunition, big solar power systems, and so on. That is no different when it comes to a custom gun case.


SensiblePrepper has a great video on his YouTube channel that shows us how to create a custom gun case on the cheap:


How many of you already have a custom gun case? Did you get it in your early days of prepping or was it after you had your basics stocked up?

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1 Comment

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