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Firearms are a critical part of our survival. They are nearly sacred in America. They are hunting tools. And they are defensive weapons. And, at the very last, they are all that really stand between our freedom and government tyranny.

The government knows this and hates it. There are a multitude of thieving, lying politicians and bureaucrats who would love to steal your guns. And there are numerous common criminals who would do the same. But they can’t take what they can’t find.

“Joe Nobody” post a guide over at the SHTF Blog on How to Bury Guns and Ammo in a Mono Vault. This one is really worth the reading.

Don’t be caught in a round up. Photo by KABC (CA).

The Firearms Mono Vault

Nobody starts with a cautious word about local laws. Keeping your guns safe (heck, keeping guns period) may be illegal in your area. Be mindful that the same government that will regulate such foolishness is the same regime that will try to take the guns. If the guns are properly hidden, they just won’t know.

He notes that a variety of containers work well for firearms burial. The one he focuses on is the Mono Vault. It is a storage tube especially made to go in the ground. It is designed to prevent leaks.

The vault is essentially a large pipe. One end is closed off and watertight. The other end has a sealable cap. The tubes come in a variety of sizes. The depths vary from 23 inches to 45 inches. Pick the one that provides the storage you need.

Nobody worked with the 45-inch model. It easily held the following:

  • AR-15 and 1,075 rounds of ammo;
  • Ruger 10/22 with 1,275 rounds;
  • Remington 870 pump and 80 shells;
  • S&W .9mm pistol and 450 rounds;
  • A radio;
  • A large knife;
  • Binoculars; and
  • A bag containing other survival gear, solar panels and food.

That is impressive!

He also tried a smaller tube. It accommodated: the AR, the .9mm, radio, knife, and the tools and food. Still impressive.

Nobody recommends burying the tube before filling it. That makes sense as the weight won’t be a factor. He also recommend dry soil. Use concrete to anchor the base in the into the ground. Choose a site with good drainage. The tube is waterproof but why push the issue?

He goes the extra mile, recommending scattering some junk metal in and on the ground. This will probably defeat a metal detector. The user will have multiple hits and, likely after digging up a little scrap, will just move on.

If your area is extra cold and frost is a problem, bury the vault a little deeper and consider foam insulation.
Make sure you remember where the vault is located. Use natural landmarks or create something you will recall but won’t give the idea away to others. GPS marking might be a good idea – unless the grid goes down.

Photo by Sportsman’s Guide.

Just Remember:

Hillary Wants Your Guns

California Wants Your Guns

Illinois Wants Your Guns

Freedom Prepper Has Your Back!

Gun grabbers of all kinds are out for your weapons. They can’t take what they can’t find. Strongly consider caching some of your arsenal (and other valuables and essentials) in a mono vault.

Remember to make sure the lid and access point is hidden. Also, remember where you bury it. The trick is useless if you effectively hide the guns from yourself. And consider that someone might use a metal detector to locate the vault.

Until the danger is over, keep the guns underground. Start digging!

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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