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Sometimes a knife or a gun does the trick. Then again, sometimes you need a little more firepower. That’s what this article is about – that and landing on watch lists…

The Amazing Pal site presented a video link about the powerful AT4 anti-tank rocket. Yes, I said something a little more powerful. This is a must watch.

Tank Stopping Firepower

Video by Military Zone HD/ YouTube.


Leave it to the Marines to have the really awesome fun weapons. Just another day at work for them.


I know you’re jealous. I’m jealous. And I’m angry they don’t sell these at the local sporting store!


This is so awesome it’s ridiculous. And the rocket works. Tanks beware.

I once read a survival novel wherein the protagonists had to stop a tank. Their method seemed to work. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a sure-fire, dedicated method? The AT4 will also stop any other type of vehicle and many aircraft.

Obtaining one may be a little difficult if not impossible. And I really do not recommend trying to make one yourself. Consider this a “do not try at home” video. Sorry for the tease. But it sure is cool!

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