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When one thinks of Benelli, fine shotguns tend to jump to mind. At least that’s what I always think of. However, they also make fine pistols.

Chris Eger and our friends at introduced a video featuring the Benelli B76. Check out this exotic beauty.

Pistol Performance Worth The Price

Video (and Photos) by Life Size Potato / YouTube.

Watch this awesome video. It’s a 9mm work of art.


Originally manufactured from the 1970s through the 1980s these unique firearms are rather rare. So, like most Benellis, they’er a little pricey.


However, for the gun collector, the price may be just right. Would you consider adding one to your collection?


And it’s not just artwork. It’s a functioning gun. Could this be your ideal EDC gun? Probably not but if it works…

A good B76 can be yours from a dealer or collector for under $1,000. That’s comparable to most modern combat pistol prices. Maybe it is not completely price prohibitive.

Watch the video and then, if the fancy strikes, you, take to Google. There are models for sale right now. Look around. Or just watch the Potato video and enjoy. It’s like a trip to the gun museum on your computer.

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