Hacking It with Survival Machetes

Hacking It with Survival Machetes


Sometimes a knife does the trick. (No offense to the outlander “Mayor” of London!) But, if you really want to win the “that’s not a knife” debate, then consider a machete. No, you don’t have to be on some jungle safari to need one. A trip to the backyard, a little SHTF, a burglar, or a coconut provide sufficient reason to carry and use one.


There not just blades. The incredible and gifted Samantha Biggers, the loveliest lady of the mountains, wrote more about machetes than you ever thought possible. Find all that and more at www.backdoorsurvival.com. Check it out; here’s just a small taste:


Picture by Perrin.


Don’t Overlook the Big Blade


“Sometimes I think the machete gets looked over as a survival tool in favor of other types of blades. While machetes are often large, they certainly don’t have to be. A lot of major knife and tool makers offer a variety of sizes.”



A Handful of 1,001 Uses:


Clearing brush (okay, some kind of safari);


Legacy Food Storage

Defense (again, Mr. Khan, bugger off);


Chopping smaller trees.


Consider Which Machete You Need or Want:


Keep it simple;


Size and weight matter;


Steel quality;








Mrs. Biggers covers, in great depth, some of the more popular varieties and brands available today, to include:






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Whetstone; and




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I actually discussed Bigger’s article with her. And I was slightly disappointed that my choice of a Harbor Freight cheappie didn’t make the list. Consider that as a bargain backup; pictured above.


She also covers safety. These things are sharp and potentially dangerous – to the user as well as the briars and brush. As with all tools, respect them and understand what they’re capable of and how to properly use them. A machete is essentially a short sword. Be careful.


And she gets into maintenance and sharpening. She covers much, in fact; it really is more about machetes than you’d think possible. Read all that and look into the excellent resources she provides.


*Samantha Biggers is a lifelong knife and AK enthusiast, mountaineer, homesteader, and prepper writer second to none. I understand she is the life of a Christmas party.


I suppose that could be an alternative use for a machete – “livening up” a party… Fun was had by all, including the police. Maybe not. But there are more good uses than you can shake a sheath at. Look into them and add a machete to your tool kit, car, home, bug out kit, or backpack. You will find a use or 50 for it.


Keep Sharp and Chop On.


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