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Have You Considered Open Carry for Your Firearm?

open carrying your firearm

Having your concealed carry weapon permit is a huge thing across our country, especially for those that believe in always being ready to protect themselves or those close to them. Have you ever considered open carrying your firearm?


should you open carry


First off what is open carry? Many people have never heard of open carry. Open carry is basically wearing your firearm where it can be seen in an non-aggressive manner. That means if you intend to open carry a handgun, you would wear it on a belt much like a police officer does, where everyone can see it.


P. Henry from The Survival Place Blog answers why someone may want to open carry their firearm:


This is where we typically end up in emotional territory. I personally view the 2nd Amendment as my right to be armed. I do not think that right is restricted to a militia. I do not view the 2ndamendment as dealing with sports or hunting only. I do not care for interpretations of that right by various factions whose only goal is to take away my rights. I can read the Constitution and it is pretty clear to me that we do have a right to arm ourselves and we shouldn’t need permission from anyone to do so.

Now, if you have a criminal record, or mental illness or some other reason why your local government has passed a law saying you are unable to own a firearm, that is something else. I don’t want any wacko in the world walking around with a gun but I am strongly supportive of the rights of law abiding citizens to freely own and carry their firearms. There should not be a limit on the type, style or amount of bullets, magazines or anything else the nut-jobs in the gun control lobby want to legislate. That includes Open Carry as well.

We do though have to think about this logically and ask ourselves what you stand to gain from carrying your firearms in the open. To me, if you are carrying in all but a few select situations, you are asking for trouble and there is no real reason to do this other than to make a statement. For the average Joe to walk down the street in their town with a legal handgun or rifle and do a little shopping, you are asking for attention. Even if nobody says anything, you will get attention. Even if no police come up to you because someone was concerned you will get attention. To me, that isn’t what I want at all.


Why would you carry a gun?

To answer the Open Carry question, it might make sense to ask another question first and that is why would you carry a gun in the first place? For me a gun is for self-defense. I advocate for the practice of every mature and responsible adult who is so inclined to legally obtain a firearm, training (not necessarily in that order) and their Concealed Carry Permit. This article isn’t meant to address some concerns that you shouldn’t have to ask your government for permission to own any firearm. I don’t deny that, but I am living within the laws we have at this time.

Having a weapon is for me a right, but it is also a great responsibility. I carry so that I can defend my life or the lives of others if I need to. In order to carry out that responsibility I need to have proper training in the use of that firearm and the Situational Awareness of my surroundings to recognize threats as soon as possible. What I do not want is for any threat to find me before I spot them. If I am carrying a gun and the bad guy sees me, who do you think he will shoot first? This isn’t about hiding, it is about staying stealthy and for that I think carrying concealed is a far better option. It won’t get any attention if done properly but will still give me the tool I need to deal with a life threatening situation.


Many states protect the right to open carry. Some states require you to have a CCW before you can open carry, while some do not require the permit.


Does the thought of being stripped of your firearm and living in a world where only the government and criminals have access to them sit well with you?…If not make sure you know how to keep your guns safely hidden from prying eyes.


Is open carry something you have considered in your area? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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