Here is an Easy, Cheap and Effective Method for Building Your First Aquaponic System

diy aquaponics

You’ve heard of aquaponics rights? If not, let me give you a quick run down of what aquaponics is.According to wikipedia aquaponics is:


a system of aquaculture in which the waste produced by farmed fish or other aquatic animals supplies nutrients for plants grown hydroponically, which in turn purify the water.


diy aquaponics



It sounds much more complicated than it really is. Aquaponics is a growing trend not only in the farming community, but also with us preppers. This is because we can produce much better produce a lot quicker than traditional gardening. Another benefit is you can grow really amazing fish as well. Both the produce and the fish taste better, have no added hormones or chemicals, and grow much faster. Here is an easy to understand diagram that shows you how aquaponics works.


aquaponics diagram


Here is an easy to follow and simple to set up 12 step method for setting up your first basic aquaponics system. Now keep in mind, this is a basic system, you can scale an aquap0nics system up or down to best fit your needs.


1. Read and re-read Aquaponic Gardening, read everything you can find on the internet and try to find someone with a working system that you can visit.


2. Decide where your system will be located (inside, outside, greenhouse, basement). There are advantages and disadvantages to each.


3. Determine the size of your working space and source out your grow beds and fishtanks to fit your space. There are many options to choose from. Be sure to leave space for a tank to grow duckweed for your fish.


4. Build frames if necessary to hold the grow beds.


5. Now you will need to make decisions regarding – a) lighting (artificial or natural)

  • b) plumbing (how big or complicated your system will be)
  • c) grow media you will be using
  • d) type of fish you want to raise
  • e) increase the number of electrical outlets if you grow indoors (you will need to plug in the light, pump, heater and aquarium air pump)


6. Make and a bell syphon for your system – these are great fun to make and the kids still think they are magic!


7. Fill the fish tank with water, attach the bell syphon and the rest of the plumbing and watch the waterworks carefully to determine the fill/empty times of the growbed – adjust as necessary.


8. Begin testing water daily for pH, ammonia, nitrites, nitrates


9. Fill the grow beds with the grow media


10. Decide on type of cycling – with fish or without fish –


11. Plant seeds or plants in grow bed,


12. When nitrates appear in system, add fish to the tank and compost worms to the grow bed



Here is an easy to follow video for a DIY aquaponics system:



If you are looking for a book on aquaponics, I suggest this one:


Aquaponic Gardening: Step by Step Guide to Raising Vegetables and Fish Together


This book is fantastic, you can order a physical copy of it or download it on your Kindle or a Kindle app.


Want to see more about producing your own food?


Check out Your Backyard Can Not Be Fully Functional and Self Sustainable Without These Items.


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