Here’s How To Build A Survival Kit For Only $20!

Here’s How To Build A Survival Kit For Only $20!

The following is another grand idea courtesy of DropForgedSurvival over on Youtube. And, it only requires a little ingenuity and a short venture into Dollar Tree, or I suppose, any of the dollar value stores. 

This helpful presentation is easy on the wallet and on the watch – in less than nine minutes you’ll have your shopping ideas and list. Under the video, in the description, they offer some more ideas and some links to other cool, needful items.

Now, let’s see what awaits the discount prepper!

The Dollar Deals

There’s one in every town and odds are we’re all familiar. So, why not make the most of the least (expensive) way to build up some gear? There’s a lot of merchandise available, all for a dollar. But, is it all useful? No. The trick is to pick out just what you need. Grab a cart and shop along; we’ll cover a few of the chosen items.

Here goes:


If it’s dark, then you’ll probably want some artificial way to see what you’re doing – whatever that might be. Here, they have a wide variety of options – each for only a buck – some better than others. Watch which one makes the cut and remember why.

Also remember that these, and other little electronic items will require batteries. Those, luckily, they also sell for $1.


They do indeed offer tools at Dollar Tree. Yes, you get what you pay for – do not expect any of these to last under regular, heavy usage. But, in a pinch, they might be just what you need. You’ll see that we’re confronted with options galore, again, some better than others.

The pick is a multi-model – NOT a Leatherman – which does pack a punch. There’s a blade, scissors, drivers, openers, and more – for one dollar. A deal!

A Blade

Again, in the cutlery department, DS has plenty to offer. You’ll need to pick the one (or two) that you think will best suit your needs. In this case, it’s a 7-inch kitchen knife.

While it may or may not last, for a while it will offer many cutting-edge (ha!) benefits – food prep, line slicing, skinning, and even defense. Note that this one does not come with a sheath, unless you leave it, temporarily, in the package.


It’s not a real paracord roll, but it will have to do for the price. Odds are, for at least light duty, this will be more than enough. For a dollar, you get 25 feet of line, and you – in this store – get a choice of colors.

You’ll also see that, in this particular store, they have more than one type to pick from. Speaking of picks, you may be tempted to overdo it, and that’s okay. If you need to or want to spend more than $20, then do it – if you can afford to.

On the cheap side, you can see that the value rapidly adds up and makes for a very useful pack of materials.

The Haul

Add it up! Here we have medicine, duct tape, a pan, foil wrap, a (very flimsy) makeshift tarp, and there’s even room (maybe money) left for M&Ms – with peanuts!

Here’s a look at the full kit:

All images captured from DropForgedSurvival video.

Legacy Food Storage



Please like and promote the video, and then take a look at the full DFS Channel. You will notice that they’re doing us multiple favors: they not only explain how to pick the kit, but they also have a penchant for including things that are very affordable, in this case from the dollar store. They’ve racked up 42 Million views for a reason.

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