It Has Hit the Fan and You Only Have One Hour

It Has Hit the Fan and You Only Have One Hour


What do you do?


Preppers Will and Bob Rodgers pondered the same and they have some good answers, please read this article.


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As you know from the Hawaiian fiasco, there are times when you have far less than 60 minutes to act or die. For the other times, consider what you really need to do it that first precious hour:


“As you should probably know by now, the first 60 minutes after SHTF could be the most critical moments of your life. That time-frame is crucial for your well-being and the lives of the ones you love. This is what you need to do and learn how proper planning prevents poor performance when things go south.


Most people believe that if they have the most high-end survival gear that money can buy, they will be all right once the brown stuff hits the fan. However, it won’t mean a god damned thing if you don’t have a solid plan that you rehearsed and adjusted long before the disaster event takes place.”



Planning Makes Perfect – or, at least, Alive…

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Here are the general steps he recommends:


One. Prioritize and ACT. You must have a plan beforehand.


Two. Know the Problem you’re Facing (or Problems).


Three. Decide to Bug in or Bug Out – then DO IT.


Four. Practice – Act Out the Plan with Dry Runs.


Five. Keep Out of Sight and Quiet.


Let me add number Six – be ready to adapt as things change, because they surely will.


To sum it all up, the first hour after the immediate incident is over, or the way you handle it, may be the difference between life or death. Be ready – now – so you can execute smoothly then.


Again, check the original for all the tips that could make the difference between making it … or not.


Keep it up; be ready for anything!


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