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Watch What Happens When You Put 4 Tomato Slices in a Bucket with Dirt

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Limited on space but still want to grow some food? Here’s a neat trick to growing your own tomatoes, regardless of how much space you have.

This can be done on a back patio of a town home, or the balcony of an apartment.

The Wannabe Homesteader demonstrates what to do. He takes an overripe tomato and a pot with some soil (he uses compost potting soil).

First, he slices the tomato into quarter-inch thick slices. He then throws four pieces into the pot and covers them over with a sprinkle of dirt, just enough so they are covered.

Water them every once and a while and within a week-and-a-half you should have a pot filled with 50 or 60 sprouting seedlings! At this stage, the gardner suggests transplanting the bigger, stronger seedlings into other pots (2 per pot) to let them grow. That’s it!

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