Prepping while Renting

How to Prep if You’re a Renter

prepping in an apartment

Many Americans feel they are limited when it comes to preparing for disaster because they rent their current home. While this may be true to some extent, there are still many steps renters can take to prepare for TEOTWAWKI.


prepping in an apartment




I’ve seen many questions about prepping as a renter on many forums and decided to tackle the question here on the site.


Start by setting a budget for your prep. Its a good idea to set aside a certain amount from each paycheck and designate that as your prepping fund. Not many of us have the ability to just run out and spend thousands at one time to do our prepping in just one big swoop.


Next you need to designate an area for your prepping. If you are in an apartment space is most likely very limited when it comes to storage. You may want to start by decluttering the storage space you already have to free up some space. If you can’t do that, then reorganize some things to find a some place for your supplies.


Another option for storing supplies is a storage locker. The down side to this is the expense of renting the unit, along with not having your supplies right there when you need them. You could always create a bug out bag, and keep your bulk supplies in the storage locker.


When we started prepping we lived in an apartment and my wife reorganized the pantry, laundry room and coat closet to accommodate our bug out bags and supplies. We also added supplies to our vehicle, which at the time was a minivan, but hey we did what we could with what we had.


Once you have decluttered or reorganized your space it’s time to make the best use of it.


Start by storing some water. You can either go with the standard gallon jugs, but they can’t be stacked, or one of my favorites is the Water Brick, each brick holds 3.5 gallons of water and they are stackable so you can get the most of your storage space. An 8 pack is $133.95 on Amazon, a little pricey but worth it if you’re short on space.


Next you can get your food storage going. We’ve all heard of Wise Food Storage, and seen their stackable food containers. Wise Food Storage can seem to be on the expensive side, but with a 25 year shelf life, and stackable containers they are really great to have around, if you decide to go with Wise Food Storage, use the coupon code WISEFREESHIP5OFF, get 5% off your order with free shipping.


But what if you can’t afford to go all out and buy the Wise food? There are some great containers available to store bulk food, or you can go the 5 gallon bucket route, which are great for stacking.


Prepping while renting doesn’t have to be difficult, just takes some strategic thinking before you put your plan into action.



If you have more advice for prepping while renting let us know on our Facebook page.




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