How To Scratch Build the Prepper Pantry

How To Scratch Build the Prepper Pantry


Our other featured post today is on Dr. Mark Sircus and his concern that the Earth is now rapidly cooling. If he’s right, then food production and delivery will slow dramatically or even halt in some places. That presents a severe problem for those who like to eat, which, I think, is most of us.


One solution is to grow your own foods. Consider smaller livestock and maybe a greenhouse or indoor growing for the homestead or retreat. Also, strongly consider food storage via a well-stocked pantry. The crew from Guildbrook Farm has a video on how to do that, going beyond the usual supermarket shopping spree. Please watch:


Video by Guildbrook Farm/YouTube.



In fifteen minutes they demonstrate their design of a pantry to last from six months to a year. Following their steps one should be able to easily assemble a proper store of food for any sized family or situation.


Note the recommended links in the video description. Take a look.


Then, once you’ve planned your pantry, look into extending it. Canning, canned goods, and long-term freeze-drying allow for multi-year storage. Some of this you can do yourself and at home. Some of it requires buying pre packaged goods. Some of these will last up to or longer than 30 years.


Legacy Food Storage

If Mark Sircus is correct about a new ice age dawning, 30 years might be the way to go.


Let hot or cold be the choice for your food, and not a worry about the climate. Stock up.


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