How to Spot a Concealed Weapon

How to Spot a Concealed Weapon


Or how to better conceal yours. Chad Nabors and Survival Sullivan presents some great tips on how to better hide your EDC gun and on how to spot someone else’s. Important stuff. Pay attention!


Picture by Truth About Guns.


“Around the U.S. and the world, people carry guns. If they are not working in an overt context, whether legal or not, they will endeavor to conceal the gun, usually a handgun. They could be another armed citizen going about their day, possibly like you, an off-duty or undercover police officer, or a criminal scumbag or gang member keeping his tools of the trade in a ready condition. Whoever you might be, consider learning the sometimes subtle tells that indicate the presence of a concealed weapon as part and parcel of enhancing your situational awareness.

You will not always be able to discern the presence of a weapon, especially a knife, but you often can with enough practice. Discerning the presence of a weapon is one thing, discerning someone’s intent is another. However, in conjunction with certain behavioral and social cues, the fact alone that a certain character is unarmed may be enough of a reason to vacate the area or at least give them a wide berth.

In this introductory article I will explain the different types of signals or cues that may indicate the presence of a weapon, as well as additional considerations you may wish to incorporate into your own carry practices to reduce your profile.”



A huge, picture-filled article. But, if you carry or you practice good situational awareness, it’s a goldmine. Learn to spot your fellow good guys and the ones who might mean harm.

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