How to Start All Over After a Disaster

How to Start All Over After a Disaster


Read the news and you can get depressed … or motivated … or both. There’s always something to worry about and to prep against. War, civil unrest, hurricanes, earthquakes, EMPs, ice storms, etc., etc., etc. Even a smaller, localized, even individual event (like a layoff or a house fire) can wreck lives.


And that, all of it, is why we do what we do. In our other, different ways we try to be ready to beat the odds, to survive. Let’s assume one does just that, escape the … whatever calamity and then return to “normal” life. Then what? How do you handle the aftermath?


The Organic Prepper and Melonie Kennedy developed a guide about just that: It’s all about starting over after SHTF and the emergency has past. In truth, this may be as bad, or worse, than the underlying event(s). Please read that article and carefully consider the potential future.


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No Matter What…


“No matter what the cause, each of these people will deal not only with physical loss but with emotional trauma and financial impacts. Even the most prepared among us may someday deal with a catastrophe at the community or personal level that can’t be stopped, and we’ll have to decide whether to rebuild in place or start over elsewhere.

What’s non-negotiable is starting over, and what’s priceless is the mental preparation to do so, along with some resources for how to make that happen.”



Every battle is won BEFORE it’s ever fought, so said Sun Tzu. Kennedy begins with steps to take before any disaster comes your way. Have a plan in place – for bugging in or out – and for rebuilding after the fact.

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First, avoid harm. Second, work the rebuilding plan.


Some recommended steps:


Inventory what you have;


Organize everything;


Have important documents in order;


Be ready to salvage and/or discard/replace;


(for these steps, Kennedy gives good examples)…




Cleaning and repair;


Health and safety concerns;


Psychological issues;

She covers the five stages of grief are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and finally Acceptance.


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Everyone has different circumstances and needs. Everyone handles things differently. Be adaptable when rebuilding.


Many thanks to Melonie for putting this all together and bringing these issues to light.


**Melonie Kennedy has dealt with the aftermath of a house fire, a divorce, and flooding from a typhoon. She knows not to ask What next? any more! Visit her online at She’s is a military wife, homeschooling mother, author, and preparedness consultant. Her work has appeared in a variety of media, both online and in print, from poetry anthologies and trade journals to magazines and books. An avid reader, she also enjoys knitting, genealogy, yoga, and suburban homesteading. Check out her website at

Whatever comes to pay that unpleasant visit, you can handle it. And you can rebuild a new, even better life. The key is planning it (loosely) now. Do that.


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