How to Stop Mass Shooters

How to Stop Mass Shooters


News has it that the concerned but misled youth of America are planning yet another walk out, another march against guns. I call it another March for Marx (realizing the philosophical paradox, yes). This may coincide with a teacher walk out over pay and other issues.


Whatever their motives and however much George Soros is paying for this mass hissy fit, there still remains the improbable chance of encountering a real shooter – even in a school.


Nick Dalhberg listed some cogent suggestions for effectively dealing with that subject. Find those, verbatim, over at Ammo Land’s site. Here’s the rundown:


Picture by Crime Prevention Research Center.


“In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting, there’s been a fierce debate on how to best protect our schools. This conversation often arises after school shootings, and undoubtedly, gun control comes up as one of the “solutions” for protecting our schools. Other measures are of course brought up; The ideas of hardening our school with things like metal detectors, more secure entrances, etc. but more often than not the proposal for gun control often takes center stage.

Unfortunately, when these gun control measures are brought up, they are often marketed as “common sense” or “reasonable.”’




The “conversation” usually goes something like this:

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Hysterical liberal: [Screams and cries incoherently about AR-15s (or AR-47s…);


Normal American: “But, the facts tell us …”


Liberal: “Shut up, racist!”


Not much of a conversation. And, no, I don’t expect anyone from the Hogg Troup to seriously entertain Dalberg’s suggestions. But we should. It’s really very simple.


Just Do Away With “Gun Free” Zones


That’s it. Keep the criminals guessing as to who is armed and might shoot back.

This strategy works in gun allowed zones. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work in schools.

No extra costs. No need for more police. No mandating teachers or anyone else carry guns. No guarantee anyone would carry. But it would cast doubt in the mind of a shooter: “Is someone here capable of killing me.” That’s a heck of a deterrent. It’s Second Amendment friendly and it works. The easy way.


*Nick Dahlberg is the co-owner of National Carry Academy, the nation’s largest training resource for those that decide to carry a gun as a part of their lifestyle.

Do not look for any gun grabbers to take this seriously. That would be the opposite of their communist agenda. And have little faith in the idiot politicians. As is, try to avoid gun free zones, also known to criminals as free fire zones.


Stay proud, stay vigilant, and stay armed.


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