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I Bet this One Item is Missing from Your Bug Out Bag and Why it May Save Your Family during Survival.

missing from bug out bag

What comes to mind when you start thinking about building your bug out bag? I bet its survival items like survival food, a tarp for shelter, knife, gun, water, filter, and so on. But there is one item I have found to be missing from more bug out bags then I’ve actually seen included.


missing from bug out bag


You see bugging out is most likely your plan B. Most of us won’t be bugging out unless some major disaster hits and our home is just not livable anymore. There are few scenarios that will have us bugging out, but rather for most of us the best idea is to hunker down and stay put in our homes.


Having said all that, it is vital to our survival to have a bug out bag. You may call yours a get home bag, get out of dodge bag, or 72 hour bag. Regardless of what you call it, it is a must on any prepper’s list.


Now I’m not going to go through a detailed list of what you absolutely must have in your bug out bag, some things to consider and what to steer clear of, that’s all been done before, in fact we have even talked about the 10 mistakes to avoid with your bug out bag to keep you from looking like a complete rookie.


There is one item I want you to put in your bug out bag that many preparedness “experts” neglect to mention. That is a family portrait.


Yea I know what you’re thinking. What can a family portrait do to keep you safe and secure while bugging out?


It’s not the job of a portrait to keep you safe, but rather a fantastic reference item in the case a member of your family gets separated along the way. By choosing a family portrait you only need one picture to show to people regardless of who is missing, since the picture has your entire family in it.


It’s also important to keep an updated picture in your bug out bag. Most of us don’t change our appearances all that much, but a new picture every couple of years is a good idea. One last tip when it comes to including your picture, laminate the picture. That way it is safe from water and if you need to show to someone as you look for your loved one the picture will be intact and not warped from being wet.


So if your bug out bag doesn’t include a family portrait, now is the time to include one. If you don’t have a recent family photo take one with your phone and print it out at your local Walmart, until you can get a higher quality picture made.



  1. Scottie Marrow

    August 9, 2015 at 10:27 pm

    Great information… Do you have a problem with me linking your site to my http://www.closedondoomsday.org site which is a nonprofit educational site? Also, I would be more than happy if you were to critique my site. It’s a work in progress so I’m always open to change and ideas! Thanks in advance and thanks for the info!

    • Scott

      August 10, 2015 at 6:37 am

      You can link to us, no problem, nice site by the way.

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