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If This 93 Year Old Can Run a Homestead, Why Can’t You?

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Running a homestead is a lot of work, depending on how deep down the homesteading rabbit hole you want to go. You can change to a very simple lifestyle and run a small homestead, where you give up a lot of amenities you might be accustomed to today, or you can go all out and complicated homestead, keeping all your luxuries but making and growing just about everything you need.

Homesteading isn’t something that you can just start one day and complete in a week or a month. It is a lifestyle change. It means learning several homesteading skills, and starting small and gradually become more self sufficient until you get to the point where you are comfortable with your homestead.

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Jack English is a 93 year old man, who lives 5 miles from any road, in the wilderness. While on a hunting trip he learned that an old homestead in the Ventana Wilderness was being put up for auction by the estate of a childless heiress. He put a bid on the property and won. On the land he built a small cabin using materials from the land and milling trees by hand. When his wife passed away, Jack effectively left “society” and moved to the cabin full time.

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Now you know, Jack didn’t become self sufficient over night. He started learning these homesteading skills from an early age, realized young that he one day wanted to live “off the grid” and support himself. After all these years he was finally able to take the plunge into homesteading.

Get the most out of your homestead by using one of these 4 homestead design templates. Download Them for Free Right Here.

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