Immigration and War are One and the Same

Immigration and War are One and the Same


Patterns of history are perhaps one of the most important things anyone can ever observe if they want to hope to have stability in the present and in the future. It’s like a reality-based crystal ball. This is especially true for preppers who want an edge on the socio-economic disasters of tomorrow.


Here’s a little history from me to you: about 15 years ago I stumbled across Vox Day’s weekly column at World Net Daily. I was hooked by his unique insights and eccentricity. Like few others today, he gets the juxtaposition of history, politics, economics, and philosophy – the roadmap of human behavior.


Yesterday Vox released the first of his self-touted Voxiversity series, on Immigration and War. Please watch: and you’ll have to skip through the moronic “warnings” and claptrap from YouTube’s nanny/ninny Stasi:

Video by Voxiversity/YouTube.



There’s a reason the SJWs are trying to censor this information. They hate it because it is true.


Vox, in 15 minutes, draws effectively on 2,500 years of world history and establishes some patterns to watch, some basic rules, laws. There is no difference between mass migrations and open war, except that immigration tends to be more destructive.


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The West in general, and the USA in particular, are in the middle (maybe) of the largest mass movement of people, the largest invasion, in all of human history. It’s not about DACA. It’s not about war refugees. It’s about a total change in our civilization.


Pay attention to the historical examples he cites: from Rome to Spain and beyond. Actions, inactions, hatreds, and charity all have consequences. We’re seeing some of those today and more are coming. The time to get ready was 30 years ago. Now, it’s an emergency scramble. But it starts by knowing. Know and then prepare.


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