Intended Rape Victim Shoots Man Twice as he Violates Restraining Order

A man shot in the legs allegedly attacked his former girlfriend, who had obtained a restraining order against him. The woman brought a gun to the sheriff’s office and told them that she had shot her ex-boyfriend.
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She was involved in several domestic violence incidents with him, so she had an order against him.

She said that he kicked in the door of her home, tried to sexually assault her, and attempted to remove her clothes.

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The child of the woman came into the room after hearing the commotion.
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The ex continued the assault after grabbing the child and putting him in a different bedroom.

The woman had a small caliber handgun and took out her gun and fired at her attacker, who was shot in the leg.

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He tried to wrest the gun from her, and she shot him in the other leg. He fled the house and went to the hospital with his gunshot wounds to seek treatment for his injuries.

The man was taken into custody after his release from the hospital, and had been identified as Jean McNeil Joseph of Ville Platte. He denied all of the allegations regarding the incident despite sustaining gunshot wounds to his legs.

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His denial did not stop the officials from charging him with multiple violations of protective orders, criminal damage to property, home invasion, battery of a dating partner, attempted second degree rape, and theft of a firearm.

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Joseph is a no-bond resident of the jail.

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