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The Intimidating “Whistling Roman” Shotgun Slug! Hilarious And Effective

This one looks (and sounds) like fun. When isn’t a shotgun fun? Our video of the day focuses on a modern take on the ancient Roman “whistling” projectile. presented a video about an incredible homemade shotgun slug. The beauty of it, is that it literally whistles as it passes by. Take a gander:

Whistle While You Shoot

Video by TaoFlederMaus / YouTube.

The Romans developed this technology as a psychological weapon. Even if the projectile missed the target, the target was keenly aware of this presence. The noise of the passing missile inflicted considerable anxiety in the enemy. There’s a reason why Rome ruled the ancient world.


Today, you can replicate this old technology for use with your favorite 12 gauge.


The round is created by boring a hollow space in a square metal block. This affects the aerodynamics and produces the noise.


Goodbye, Ken Doll. Like something out of a John Hiatt song, eh?

Ooooo. Barbie will find that hard to bare.

There are certainly more effective, modern tactical rounds. New defense loads, turkey shot, or plain old buck shoot do the trick well. Still this concept is pretty neat.

Think of it, if nothing else, as a audible tracer round. And, as a slug, it works pretty darned well.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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