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The Power is Out and Your Kids are Bored. 27 ways to Keep them Entertained.

bored kidsWhat do your kids do when the power goes out? If they are like, and most others, they get bored, really, really bored. To the point where their boredom becomes an annoyance for the parents and deters us from getting the power back on or taking care of things that need attention while the power is off.


In all of your preps, if it didn’t occur to you to put aside some activities that don’t require power or a lot of light, you may be in for a bumpy ride in the event of a power failure. Your children, since they are warm and fed, don’t understand (or care) that you had to prepare in advance to keep them warm and fed.  All they care about is.


Keep boredom at bay


Keep a box of off-grid entertainment supplies in an easy-to-access place. Make one up for the different members of the family and make these items things that the kids are not allowed to play with at any other time so that they are novel and interesting when the time comes to use them.  Include things like stationary supplies, notebooks, pens and pencils, sharpeners, colors or coloring pencils, markers, glue sticks, glitter, puzzles, activity books, games, stickers…make it a treasure trove! Be sure you include all of the supplies needed for each activity because it’s hard to find things when your home is only lit by candlelight.


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Spend your next power outage making great memories with your kids. You may discover that you actually prefer life without all of the bells and whistles.



Are there other activities you do with the kids when the power is out? Let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.



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