Keep The Preps to Yourself!

Keep The Preps to Yourself!


Today a worthy word of caution for all preppers. We’ve talked about this before but it bears repeating. Keep those preps to yourself! In general, prepare in silence and solitude.


We’re good people and we want to help others. But there’s a right way to do that. Subtly, maybe. And it should be done with extreme caution.


Here’s a good, short video to reiterate the “why”:

Video by Penny University/YouTube.



As a prepper, you don’t want to the the proverbial ant with the hungry grasshopper at your door. Odds are he’d bring friends.


You see, when you tell most non-preppers about your plans and actions, all they remember, if anything, is that you have stuff. Free stuff. Stuff for them to come partake of when things turn sour. Stuff to just take. Take away from you. Get it?


Legacy Food Storage

So, while you may try to urge preparedness among the masses, do so in general terms. Do not advertise what you are doing, when you do it, or where. The first, general approach is a good appeal for humanity. The latter is just setting yourself up for failure at the hands of your “friends.”


PS: the cartoon imagery in the video really drives home the rhetorical point, no?

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