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Keep These Things Handy in Case of Evacuation

Every prepper understands the importance of the bug out bag and supplies in the car. In the event things go south, a prepper must be ready to evacuate in a hurry. And it really helps to carry all of the things one might need. Otherwise, one might run from danger into equal or greater danger.

But, what are those necessary items? If one seriously considers it, one could make a list many pages long. Space is limited. And a person can only carry so much What items are critical?

Megan Stewart has a great list – an answer to this pressing supply issue. Her list of Evacuation Items was published at the Survival Sullivan site. She did a great job breaking the items down into relevant categories. Let’s have a look:


Photo by specialforces.com.

Don’t Evacuate Without These Items:

Shelter /Protective Items

  • A poncho or raincoat will keep you dry.
  • A suitable tent. Make sure it is big enough but light enough to carry with ease.
  • Tarps to cover the tent and other items.
  • A travel mattress or sleeping pad.

Eating and Drinking

  • Water. Keep it in bottles and have the ability to purify outside water.
  • High energy foods and staples.
  • Pack the food in bags and the bags in a bucket.
  • Protein: canned meats, etc.
  • A camp stove for cooking.
  • Pots and cooking gear.
  • Hunting and fishing gear if applicable.

Sanitation and Personal Items

  • Bleach.
  • Appropriate footwear for the whole family. Think boots.
  • Latex medical gloves.
  • Toilet Paper beats leaves.
  • Diapers and feminine items if necessary.
  • First aid and/or a trauma kit.

Other Necessities

  • While cumbersome, a generator or electrical power source may make surviving a lot more comfortable.
  • The right clothes.
  • Blankets and pillows.
  • Your vital documents in an appropriate container.
  • If you have a pet, make sure to pack the necessary supplies.
  • A fan and/or heater.
  • A towell.

Survival Tools

  • A field shovel.
  • A hand saw, chainsaw, or axe. I would pack the axe/hatchet before the others.
  • Other hand tools as needed.
  • A suitable toolbox.

For The Bug Out Vehicle

  • Simple automotive tools.
  • Repair and replacement items (belts, hoses, etc.).
  • Fuses and relays.
  • A fuel can.
  • If you have space consider an inflatable raft or canoe.
  • A rugged stroller if you have small children.
  • A bicycle or collapsable motor scooter in case the car is disabled.

Weaponry and Other Supplies

  • Firearms and ammunition.
  • Knives for any ad every occasion.
  • Radios or other communication tools.
  • Less than lethal weapons.
  • Yard tools beyond the shovel and axe if space is available.

If you know you will be leaving permanently, Stewart recommends taking additional gardening supplies along with seeds. She also offers some great ideas about properly packing up all of your supplies.

Photo by YouTube.

Related Supply Information From Freedom Prepper:

Multi-Purpose Bug Out Items

Please think hard about all of these logistical considerations. Being half prepared may be worse than not being prepared at all.

Space is limited even if you have a large truck or RV. Organize your supplies well. And have them ready to deploy at any time. That way, when the SHTF, you won’t be caught flat footed. And always remember, regardless of what type of vehicle you bug out in, you may still be forced to journey on foot. Retain the ability to shift into hiking mode if necessary.

Be a good Boy Scout, even if you’re not: always be prepared.

Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at www.perrinlovett.me. He is none too fond of government meddling.

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1 Comment

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