Keep Your Vehicle Under Control on Snow and Ice

Keep Your Vehicle Under Control on Snow and Ice

Winter Preps, 2021, rolls on! Or, in this case, slips and slides. Here’s a quick show about the right way to drive on snow and ice. If one must venture out onto wintery roads, it pays to do it the right way!

Sometimes one can just tell that something is going to be a blast, even if it’s something very important, like today’s lesson(s). The opening scene of today’s video for instance:

(All pics from video).

Big, icy truck on the snow. An arm casually on the window sill. A youngster strapped in securely in the back. Kind of a giveaway, right?

Well, at any rate, Clint Grover and Never Done USA gave us a great primer course on safely handling a vehicle on snow and ice – a must for those driving in wintry conditions. Seatbelts on, please.

Preppers On Ice!


Always be Prepared!

Every Boy Scout knows that. With any vehicle, any season, make sure it’s in good running shape. Check the tires, fluids, and so forth. For winter, there are other measures. If you have a two-wheel, rear-wheel-drive car, consider adding weight in the trunk for traction. If it’s four-wheels, then make sure the transfer is working properly.

Some of you might need snow tires – you probably know if that’s you. Others will need a set of chains, just in case. In some areas, chains are legally required. 

Pay attention to temperatures and conditions. Headlights on in the snow, please – it’s a courtesy to other drivers and a marker for (of) you. As always, use common sense.


When the first snow falls or the roads ice over, carefully check your abilities. Check the performance of your car under moderately controlled circumstances so you know how it – and you – will react to slipping and sliding.

Understand how to handle the drive, or correct a deviation with the minimum of effort. If you fish-tail or start to, then try simply easing off the gas rather than the old herky-jerky, which can cause you to wreck as sure as the ice can.

Clint has all kinds of helpful tips for many different situations.

Slow Down

It’s not a race, or if it is, then the tortoise will win. Remember to leave extra time for your travels, just as you leave extra room between you and the other cars. 

Legacy Food Storage

Plan out your route as best you can so as to minimize inconvenience and potential delay. Your speed should be governed by the road conditions rather than the posted, arbitrary limits on a sign.

And, signs … lookout for stop signs and red lights. If at all possible, avoid coming to a full stop when you’re driving up even a moderate hill. Moving, you keep your momentum. Stop, and you risk losing it and all necessary traction. Beware! Play it safe or join the in-the-ditch crowd.

Have Fun!

It’s okay, as long as you’re responsible and do it the safe way! Find an empty parking lot or a field and play a little.

See what I mean about a blast? Doing donuts is more than a fun break from reality. It gives one the chance to practice emergency maneuvers in a somewhat-controlled environment. If you can practice a little, then you’ll know what a spin feels like and you’ll be ready to correct if it happens in the wild.

And, it’s fun!

Now, it’s short, “cool,” and thrilling, so,

Watch the Video:

NeverDoneUSA / YouTube.

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Never Done Website.

You (we) are really never done with this prepper’s challenge. It’s a journey and a process as much as a state of mind. We, for our part, hope that you benefit from these segments and so ease along the never-ending path of preparedness. One step at a time!

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