KKK, Commies, Nuts, and Cops Clash in Small GA Town

Newnan is a pretty cool town. Just Southwest of the Big Peach, it’s (was) the home of Alan Jackson. This weekend it was the home of a sad cavalcade of sheer idiocy. For reasons not entirely clear the Klan, the Nazis, and other assorted troublemakers decided to descend on Newnan. That attracted the attention of the left of the angry, irrational left. So came also the antifa, the SJWs, and more freaks than one finds at a good carnival.

400 or so police officers held the line. The popular press lamented that most arrests were on their side. They miss the point: both “sides” here claim to be some form of socialists: that’s leftism, just of different hues. A better time, by far, was held up in Athens, where, as luck would have it, UGA won…




Officers restrain freaks. Picture by HuffPo.

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